MSKO Economy
The following image illustrates a simple model of the MSKO economy and Revenue Share with the community.


Joules (J) are the in-game hard-currency that is purchased with MSKO. Players who don't have a crypto wallet or would like to purchase Joules with fiat currency will incur a transaction fee from the App Stores + conversion fees. Buying Joules with fiat will result in the player receiving less Joules due to the fees. The player will receive Joules as their reward by winning matches. The amount of distributable Joules in the game will be dynamic and vary according to the revenue streams of the game.


Volts (V) are the in-game soft-currency and are used to upgrade the characters and Muskogear in conjunction with AMPs. Volts are consumed when AMPs are applied to a game asset like Muskogear. The amount of distributable Volts in the game is dynamically varied.

Amplifiers - AMPs

In order to upgrade / amplify a characters attributes, the player will need to collect amplifiers (AMPs) from defeated enemies. Each AMP (A) holds specific attributes, depending on the level of the AMP. For example a 1-AMP could be a shield upgrade; 2-AMP may have a shield upgrade and an agility upgrade, etc.


Muskogear are tools and weapons that a player can collect, use and upgrade. Each item of Muskogear has basic attributes like "attack damage", "defence", etc. Muskogear is dropped by defeated enemies. Collected Muskogear can be minted into an NFT and then sold or rented in the Marketplace using MSKO.
Muskogear types include:
  • Armor
  • Helmets
  • Weapons
  • Hacking Tools
  • Deception Devices
  • Regen Devices
  • Drones
  • Engineer toolkits