Game Fundamentals
The Six Muskotiers is a "capture the flag" style game with the main objective being to take over the AI mainframe, while at the same time, the AI is trying to take over the player's base. The player and the AI try to sabotage each others efforts by strategically blocking pathways. The game is a "point & click/tap" type of game making controlling the characters simple. The game can be enjoyed as single player or multiplayer.
At the start of a season, the full story packed with clues will be released on the MSKO website as a "redacted" type of document i.e. the information is hidden / encrypted. As the community plays, parts of the story will be revealed, giving them clues of what they need to do next, where they can find Shoki, and ultimately to defeat the the evil AI by taking over the mainframe.
This fast-paced, action-packed game, requires smart, strategic thinking and quick reactions to succeed. During each match, players must utilize the unique capabilities of each Muskotier character to succeed and to collect in-game TOCs (Takeover chips) and Amplifiers (AMPs).

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