The Six Muskotiers


Loopycore game studio is proud to present The Six Muskotiers series of games. The first game in the series is The Six Muskotiers - AI Rising, and the second game is The Six Muskotiers - Renegade.
The Six Muskotiers series are futuristic, free-to-play mobile games that are enhanced with blockchain technology. The Six Muskotiers – AI Rising is an RTS Battle Arena with Rogue-lite mechanisms. The core gameplay is RTS PVE and PVP MOBA. The Six Muskotiers – Renegade is a strategic, 3rd person, 3v3 character-based tactical shooter game.
The objective in both games is to take over the AI mainframe located in the enemy base while defending against waves of attacking AI robots. These real-time strategy games are action-packed adventures that span galaxies to save humanity. AI Rising and Renegade are play-to-own games, which allow players to mint their in-game assets into NFTs, and these NFTs are interoperable between both games.
Join The Six Muskotiers – All for One & One for All!
The Six Muskotiers – AI Rising is a Sci-Fi fantasy, Battle Arena with Rogue-lite mechanisms. It draws inspiration from legendary games like League of Legends / Clash Royale with many RPG elements, like loot, tools, weapons, character capabilities and more.
The Six Muskotiers games have infinite replayability, thanks to the procedurally generated levels. This essentially means that every round played is unique, therefore ensuring that players have a fresh experience each time they play, resulting in a better user experience and player longevity.
Two core components of The Six Muskotiers are the Loopy token and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Using Loopy tokens opens up a whole new world of bi-direction value sharing and benefits with users. Our hybrid model is also designed for better and more sustainable game economics, which in the long term, will create more consistent value for active players and investors.
The Six Muskotiers is an immersive gaming world filled with fun, mystery and action-packed adventures.
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