The Six Muskotiers from the gaming studio of Loopycore, is a futuristic, free-to-play mobile game, enhanced with blockchain technology. This real-time strategy, battle arena game is an action-packed adventure that spans galaxies to save humanity. The Six Muskotiers is a play to own game, that allows players to mint their in-game assets into NFTs. This is one gaming adventure you do not want to miss.
Join The Six Muskotiers – All for One & One for All!
The Six Muskotiers is a Sci-Fi fantasy, Battle Arena with Rogue-lite mechanisms. It draws inspiration from legendary games like League of Legends / Clash Royale with many RPG elements, like loot, tools, weapons, character capabilities and more.
The Six Muskotiers offers both single player and multiplayer modes. The game has infinite replayability, thanks to the procedurally generated levels. This essentially means that every round played is unique, therefore ensuring that players have a new experience each time they play. This results in a better user-experience and player longevity.
Two core components of The Six Muskotiers are the MSKO token and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Using MSKO opens up a whole new world of bi-direction value sharing and benefits with users. Our hybrid model is also designed for better and more sustainable game economics, which in the long term, will create more consistent value for active players and investors.
The Six Muskotiers is more than just a game, but an immersive world filled with fun, mystery and action packed adventures.
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