Character Capabilities
Each character has various attributes, and the strength of each attribute is based on the character's class, which allows the character to perform according to their role. For example, the Warrior will need more shield strength and Melee Attack to be an effective warrior. The warrior will not need strong hacking skills.
Each character has various attributes & each class has a different set of base attributes. For example, the Warrior will have more shield strength and Melee Attack and the Hacker will have stronger hacking attribute & Agility
The following are the character attributes (subject to change):
  • Shield HP - The amount of hits (damage) the character can sustain
  • Power - Affects the Melee and Range attack damage
  • Agility - Response time to direction changes, acceleration, speed, stamina and recoup rate
  • Stealth - How easily the character can pass near an enemy without being seen
  • Vision - How far can the character see and their perception of stealth enemies
  • Hacking - How fast can the character take over a tower or AI mainframe
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