In multiplayer mode, it is a competitive co-op, 3v3 PVE, with game sessions lasting between 10-15 minutes. This means for each round played there will be 2 teams of 3 players each that compete against each other to take over the AI mainframe first. Each player chooses and controls 1 character. The teams will need to take control over strategic points and towers. The players can use the various tools, weapons, etc. known as Muskogear, to advance and battle against the AI's robots along the way. The multiplayer mode uses a matchmaking system based on the player's skill level and asset tier.
Once a week, a paragraph of the redacted story will be decrypted (and revealed on the site) by the first group to achieve X amount of victories against the AI, and this portion of the story will be rewarded to the team as NFTs.
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