The Six Muskotiers Series
Let the adventures begin...
The Six Muskotiers is a multi-tier (levels), Play'n Earn game. Let’s Get Shoki is the first season in The Six Muskotiers metaverse series. There will be multiple seasons in the series. Each season will be a self-contained story with its own unique plot, however, the central Muskotiers theme, mechanics and economy will remain consistent.
One of the central themes of decentralization and the online communities that are developing, is the shift from being reliant on centralized governments and monopolistic corporations. Decentralization is becoming a driving force behind creating social equity, fairness, responsibility and empowering communities to take care of and support each other.
This is why the slogan of The Six Muskotiers is… All for One & One for All!
The Six Muskotiers is built on the philosophy that as a community we can all reap the benefits and rewards. Essentially as the slogan implies, the community supports each member, and each member supports the community.

Game Core Pillars

  1. 1.
    Short bitesize gameplay sessions to fit the mobile gaming market.
  2. 2.
    Simple core mechanics and deep progression. Easy to grasp the concepts, but challenging enough to keep players engaged.
  3. 3.
    Innovative crypto mechanics: Play'n Earn, Free to Earn
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