Itay Gissin
Entrepreneur & Advisor
Itay comes with a wealth of knowledge and was the CEO of He is a serial entrepreneur in the areas of Web, Digital Media and Fintech.
Nimrod May
Entrepreneur & Advisor
Nimrod is an investor, marketer and advisor. He has been a seed investor in various projects and assisted many startups, including organizations like and
Ari Last
VP Business Development at Simplex
Ari has extensive experience in business development for technology companies, including being a founder and CRO for Paywiz.
Tomer Nuni
Chief Marketing Officer Kryptomon
Tomer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for marketing. He has extensive experience assisting startups. Tomer currently serves as the CMO of
Amit Peled
Chief Strategy Officer Kryptomon
Amit is renowned for his strategic and analytical problem solving. Amit has worked on numerous successful Blockchain projects. Amit currently serves as the CSO of
Eyal Daskal
Founder at Crymbo
Eyal is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience with financial companies and Fintech startups. He is the founder of Crymbo, the first B2B digital assets network for financial institutions.
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