The Team
The Muskotiers team is made up of a group of crypto enthusiasts, creative gurus, marketing mavericks and development prodigies. By combining our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for gaming with blockchain technology, we aim to help realize a global goal of decentralization while providing the highest levels of rewarding fun and entertainment.
Nir Miretzky
Co-Founder & CEO
Head of Game Dev
Nir is a skilled game developer and creative prodigy that has built numerous successful games and consults with gaming companies across the world.
Nadav Moshe
Co-Founder & CTO
Nadav has vast experience with online ventures, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Nadav is responsible for the overall technology needs.
Shay Perry
Co-founder & COO
Shay is an experienced entrepreneur, crypto and business development professional. Shay also has an extensive global network of contacts that he brings to the table.
Ofek Kanahof
Blockchain & Crypto Lead
Ofek is a blockchain expert and technology mastermind. He has extensive experience building advanced solutions and is a true asset to the team.
Allon Todres
Community Success Director
Allon is an experienced sales and business development manager with over 15 ye​ars of experience leading Asian and USA based cross-functional teams.
Dov Diamond
Marketing Ops
Dov is a creative marketer and wordsmith. He has helped many businesses to conceptualize their marketing strategies and build their brands.
Noam Toledano
Noam is a development and coding guru with many years of experience under his belt in building sophisticated games and technological solutions.
Bar Zer
CMO / Biz Dev Director
Bar is an avid gamer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in business development for international gaming companies.
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