A fundamental element to The Six Muskotiers and the MSKO economy are NFTs. There are 6 tiers of rarity for NFTs.
The NFTs include:
  • Decrypted map clues
  • Muskogear
  • Characters

Pre-Sale NFT Event

As part of the launch and to fund ongoing development of the game, there will be an initial 5,000 top tier NFTs minted and sold during the pre-sale. This will allow early investors to start accumulating Muskotier assets.

Player NFT Minting

Players can utilize in-game assets without the need for it to be an NFT, however, should a player wish to mint the asset into an NFT they may do so. The minting process is fairly straight forward, however it does have a computational cost involved. In order for a player to mint an NFT, they will need to have a wallet connected to the game and funds to complete the process. Once a player mints an asset, they can then list it in the Muskotiers NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace

There will be a dedicated Muskotier's NFT marketplace where players can buy, sell and rent Muskogear, characters and other NFTs. When it comes to renting, each NFT has a renting price limit that is determined by its rarity level. Players will also be able to see an approximation of what their assets are worth. Only players with a digital wallet connected to the game can trade NFTs. All NFT Markeplace transactions will be subject to a 5% fee.