Getting Started Playing
At the start of a match the player/s does not know the layout of the map. The first action the player will take is to try reveal and discover the layout. There are various key points on the map (see below). Each character and tower has a vision range, and any enemy unit outside this range will not be visible.

Character Shields

The player characters all have shields which can take a limited amount of damage. If the shield is depleted, the character will be teleported back to base and will wait a penalty duration of 30 seconds, until their shield is fully charged again. Alternatively, the player can wait for the Regen (regenrator) character to come to their player on the map to recharge the shield.

Tower & AI Mainframe Takeover

During gameplay, players need to collect TOCs (Takeover Chips) that are dropped by defeated Takeover Robots. Performing a takeover of a tower and ultimately the AI mainframe, requires a certain number of TOCs. TOCs collected during a game expire at the end of the match and do not get stored / carried over to new games.

The Game Map

The following is simple example of a single player mode gameplay map. A different layout is generated each time the game is played.

Single Player Map

Multiplayer Map
AI Mainframe - This is the location of the AI mainframe and the primary objective is to reach the mainframe and take control of it.
Player Base - This is where players start from. They also need to defend the base to avoid losing. Players will also need to return to base to recharge their shield.
Robot Spawn Point - The evil AI's robots spawn from these locations at increasing intervals. The more towers a player takes over, the shorter the gap between spawning waves. There are 2 types of robots.
  • Attack Robots (ARTs) - These target the player characters.
  • Takeover Robots (TORs) - These target the player’s base and towers to try to gain control over them.
BLOT Spawn Points - BLOTs aka Blocking Traps are devices that are used to block pathways to prevent opponents from passing. A BLOT is spawned every minute from a spawn point if the point is empty i.e. no players situated there.
Towers - These are strategic points that players will want to take control of to prevent opponents from reaching the player's base. Once a tower is taken control of by a player, the tower will automatically attack any opponent.
Road - These are the paths that the characters travel along.
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