Storyline - Let’s Get Shoki
An Epic Gaming Adventure
Our adventure begins with a family of six children and their dog named Shoki.
The children love adventures, exploring, and have a passion for space travel and technology. ​One day, while taking a tour of a real launchpad and space shuttle, something happened that would take them on an epic quest like never before. Little did they know that Shoki had sneaked into a restricted area, and had wondered into the space shuttle on his own. Suddenly, a launch was initiated and Shoki was blasted into outer space.
The children must now band together as The Six Muskotiers to bring Shoki home safely!
While it was initially thought that Shoki had accidentally initiated the launch, it quickly became clear that there was something more sinister taking place. The space shuttle, was in fact, hacked by an evil AI with the aim of stealing advanced embedded chips in the space shuttle's control unit. These chips hold powerful technology that will enable the AI to become fully autonomous, and take control of the fate of mankind.
To bring their beloved Shoki back to earth safely and to stop the AI, The Six Muskotiers spring into action. Their first attempt to eliminate the threat of the AI was to hack the mainframe but all they could retrieve were encrypted documents. The Six Muskotiers soon realize that the only way to save humanity and Shoki, will be to decrypt the documents so that they can locate and take over the AI mainframe, before it's too late.
It's now up to The Six Muskotiers to save Shoki and humanity in a thrilling adventure that spans galaxies.
Let's Get Shoki!
All for One & One for All!
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